This weekend in honor of my birthday, (which happens to be today,) I attended The Legwarmers show in Falls Church, VA. The Legwarmers are an amazing 80s cover band that will leave you hoarse from singing the words to every single song. This is about my 5th Legwarmers show which means I take my outfit very seriously. My theme for this show was a “material girl” look complete with crimped hair, lots of pearl necklaces, a jean jacket embroidered “wild at heart,” pink leggings, checkered vans and of course, legwarmers. (That’s me in the top right polaroid.) I had recently acquired my parents’ old polaroid camera and used it to capture our outfits for the night. The night was a blast and I can’t wait till the next show. I strongly, strongly suggest that you see The Legwarmers if you haven’t yet—it’s sure to leave you singing those 80s classics for weeks to follow.


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