one year + giveaway

I can hardly believe it, but it’s been one year since I started fancy seeing you here. So much has happened since then.…I’ve written more than I ever thought I would—137 posts to be exact. I’ve set up my etsy shop. Oh, and one other little thing, I got the guts to quit my job. It’s really been the best year and I look forward to expanding my blog and my shop. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

As a thank you, I’m giving away a set of  letterpressed cards from my shop to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment on your favorite post so far. I’ll announce the winner next week.

image by the fab ZonaFoto

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6 Responses to “one year + giveaway”

  1. Christian says:

    Pick me. Pick me. I helped make those cards and never received any!!! You rule with an iron fist! :)

  2. adam says:

    I read your blog daily. Fills my head with great ideas, your informative and creative. Keep up the good work.

  3. All of your posts are insightful and inspirational, but my favorite was “The Sarah Project Update”. It was a big day for you and all your followers…the day you announced to the world that you were out on your own! I’m so proud of you and I know you’re probably doing and will continue to do wonderful on your own!

    Btw…I am in desperate need of a Sarah visit, SOON! :)

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  5. zona foto says:

    You rock chica! Glad you had a fantastic year. I am calling you soon, I promise the time difference is killing me!

  6. Loren says:

    loved the sarah project. the funniest was the construction worker!

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