beautiful losers


I watched Beautiful Losers last night. The film explores the lives of artists who have built their existence and art around the do-it-yourself way, with various roots in graffiti, skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop and punk cultures, until they reached adulthood. These artists include Shepard Fairey of Obey notoriety and “Thumbsucker” director Mike Mills.

Referred to as freaks, weirdos, punks and losers, the film focuses on how the group pioneered the do-it-yourself way. It was a subculture made by kids, for kids. But kids grow up, as these artists inevitably have, but they have been able to stay true to their old ways.

This film is very inspiring not only because of all of the incredible artwork, which involves diamond painting  and coal painting but because of the common drive to create amongst these artists.

One artist that really stuck with me was Steve Powers. Steve Powers is a former graffiti artist under the name ESPO (“Exterior Surface Painting Outreach”). He more recently partnered with the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia to revive the lost art of sign painting. This series “A Love Letter For You” is absolutely stunning and it is nice to finally feel like I know the artist behind this series. I hope to see this in person soon. A few of my favorites:




Every single one of these artists are extremely talented and since watching the movie I have been driven to research them all. You should do the same.

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