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before and after: tv stand

Monday, April 18th, 2011

This is a revamp of one of the pieces that I picked up at this year’s trash or treasure, (which was last weekend.) I’ve been looking for a new tv stand for quite some time now for my living room and haven’t had much luck. The CB2 one (here is the green version) that I had originally thought would look nice in the space was sold out before I got the chance to purchase it and now they don’t carry it in white anymore. So at trash or treasure I set out looking for something that would work as a tv stand or be converted to a tv stand. Luckily I found a low bureau that I thought could be updated nicely.


This bureau was a little too tall as is to be used for a tv stand. So me and my dad eliminated one layer of drawers to make it the perfect height. The top two drawers were then removed to make a place for my vcr and satellite box I got at (These drawers can be added back in the future if I decide to use this piece as something besides a tv stand.)


I couldn’t be happier with the results. I think it looks really nice, fits the space, holds my electronics and best of all—it was free! All I need to do now is update the hardware…I’m thinking these beauties from Anthropologie in Palace Yell0w will be perfect finish to the piece.

living room in progress

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I want to apologize for my recent disappearance. There have been lots of changes in my life that have been emotionally draining me, (more so than I even realized until recently.) Work has gotten crazy, my best friend moved to Boston, I’m looking for a new roommate—it’s all wearing me out. My solution has been getting lost in a lot of projects.

One of my first projects has been updating my living room, I have been looking at living room furniture sets for a while now . It’s a rental so there are a few things that I just can’t change, (like the awful brown carpet, which I wish I could replace with something from NW Rugs) But I am making the best of what I’ve got. It’s still a big work in progress, but I’m already loving the start.



Changes that I made so far: I painted the red wall back to white. (The 3 coats that it took to cover the red practically crippled my hand.) And I painted the opposite wall BEHR Jamaican Blue. One of the chairs was removed to open up the space. A new, slightly smaller ottoman was purchased and  recovered in magenta Joel Dewberry woodgrain fabric. And I switched out the accent lamps. I also got my hands on sound dampening curtains so that I could pump up the volume of my stereo while not disturbing my neighbours’ peaceful life.


I couldn’t be happier with the color. It seems to make the room so much brighter and cleaner looking. I still have plenty to do though. I want to get some curtains for the room and need artwork for the white wall—it’s completely bare right now, but I’m thinking a whole bunch of colorful pieces displayed salon style. New throw pillows are a must. And the biggest thing, I need a new tv stand. I’m leaning towards this one at CB2 but I am open to anything, so please share if  you have any suggestions. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!