2011 letterpress calendar

I participated in the Pyramid Atlantic Letterpress calendar once again this year with other members of the Pyramid Atlantic letterpress community. Each month was designed by a different artist. I chose April because it is my birth month and decided to focus on its birthstone, the diamond. It is a 2 color design using silver and magenta ink. There are still some calendars available for purchase. It’s $25 this year, which is a steal if you ask me! They are working on having it for sale on the Pyramid website but until then Update: Available for order on the website or you can purchase it at ArtSpring 821 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring MD). All proceeds go to Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

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2 Responses to “2011 letterpress calendar”

  1. Marty Ittner says:

    Love those pink rollers!

  2. zona foto says:

    Can I buy a calendar from you?

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