artwork for my living room

I’ve been scouring the internet to find some new artwork to buy for my newly repainted living room and have found plenty of beautiful options. Now I just need to narrow it down… Here are some of my favorites so far.

N.LOVE by Nazario Graziano

Birds of Sadness Poster by Studio on Fire

Lamb No. 1 by Sharon Montrose

Being Nice by Will Bryant

I’m in love with this piece by Andrew Bannecker and I don’t even know if it’s for sale.

And this piece is unfortunately sold out! Tutti Frutti by Hand & Eye

Other places I’ve been checking out: 20×200, Aesthetic Apparatus, El Jefe Design, MySotisociety6 and Zonafoto’s imagekind shop.
If you have any suggestions please share!

p.s. Check out the gorgeous aboriginal artwork that Viv from ish & chi recently bought for her living room.

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  1. zona foto says:

    I love the one by Andrew Bannecker!

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