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before and after: tv stand

Monday, April 18th, 2011

This is a revamp of one of the pieces that I picked up at this year’s trash or treasure, (which was last weekend.) I’ve been looking for a new tv stand for quite some time now for my living room and haven’t had much luck. The CB2 one (here is the green version) that I had originally thought would look nice in the space was sold out before I got the chance to purchase it and now they don’t carry it in white anymore. So at trash or treasure I set out looking for something that would work as a tv stand or be converted to a tv stand. Luckily I found a low bureau that I thought could be updated nicely.


This bureau was a little too tall as is to be used for a tv stand. So me and my dad eliminated one layer of drawers to make it the perfect height. The top two drawers were then removed to make a place for my vcr and satellite box I got at (These drawers can be added back in the future if I decide to use this piece as something besides a tv stand.)


I couldn’t be happier with the results. I think it looks really nice, fits the space, holds my electronics and best of all—it was free! All I need to do now is update the hardware…I’m thinking these beauties from Anthropologie in Palace Yell0w will be perfect finish to the piece.