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diy vintage suitcase pet bed

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

I’ve been wanting to make a vintage suitcase pet bed ever since seeing this post on modern cat. It took me a while to find the right suitcase, but other than that it was a very simple and quick assembly which only took me a couple hours in front of the tv to make the base and then a quick half an hour at the sewing machine to make the cushion. My cats seem to like it and regardless I think it looks nice even if they decide that they don’t want to use it. My cat Annie Oakley is the one featured above.


• Vintage Suitcase

5″ Round Taper Table Legs (4 total)

Angle Top Plate (4 total)

• Additional screws (The screws that came with the angle top plate were too long and poking through the suitcase, so I had to get shorter screws at the hardware store.)

• Craft glue

• Paint and paintbrush

• fabric and fill

• tools: screwdriver, hammer

1. To start I separated the lid from the base of the suitcase by removing the pin from the hinges. I used a hammer and nail to force the pin out and then removed it the rest of the way with pliers.

2. Carefully cut the fabric that connects the lid to the base of the suitcase and fold it down into the base. I used craft glue to keep the extra fabric in place.

3. Next I attached the angle plates to the bottom of the suitcase, one in each corner. Like I mentioned in the supplies, the screws that came with the plates were too long so I had to get much shorter ones at the hardware store. The legs screw right into the base.

4. I painted the legs to match my fabric and then screwed them into the plates to dry. 2 coats total and I taped off the brass on the legs for a clean edge.

5. I made a simple custom cushion, but in hindsight I think I could’ve purchased a regular pillow and made a case for it.

I’m really happy with the results. I love having a unique pet bed that is also eco-friendly. Hopefully my cats enjoy it too!

world cup

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Write The Future from Nalden on Vimeo.

I just had to share this amazing Nike World Cup soccer promo done by Wieden+Kennedy. Watching this video got me soooo utterly excited for the World Cup which happens to be only 20 days 22 hours away (but whos counting.)

My agenda for the weekend: Thrifting for a vintage suitcase to make this super chic cat bed. I’m sure to find plenty more goodies while I’m out—I’ll be sure to share on Monday.

Hope you all have a fabulous and craft-filled weekend!