the sarah project

This is a small selection of images from a silly project i’ve been doing at work; The Sarah Project. Every day at around 3 i have a mini photoshoot at my desk using props and stuff that i’ve gathered from around the office. I’m hoping to keep this up for a year and maybe even start a website for it. It’s actually quite amusing and fun, although some might think I’m a total nut. I think one of my favorite and most innovative uses of a prop is the poster tube turned into a peg arm for my pirate series. FYI, I’m taking character requests if you have any suggestions.

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8 Responses to “the sarah project”

  1. zona foto says:

    I think this is the coolest project! It’s our photobooth stories on steroids..haha! My suggestion is do something with that dinosaur head. :)

  2. love it!
    I’m requesting a ninja.

  3. Stephen says:

    Love. It.
    I’m thinking mugshot…of course it has to be in an old school black/white striped jail outfit. Could also be a doctor checking out the camera’s throat with a tongue deppressor – say “ahhh”

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