what inspires you?


What inspires you? Recently I was asked to handwrite the answer to this question on a blank piece of paper for a internal work project. (I’ll update you later with the final project from all of these answers.) It’s a hard question for me to answer because I feel like I am inspired by pretty much everything! Anything from patterns in nature to a beautiful photo from a wedding to marc jacobs new collection—it all gets my wheels turning. All in all, I felt like I gave a nice summary of some of my favorite everyday sources.

I also keep monthly inspiration folders on my desktop to house anything and everything that tickles my fancy. Problem is I didn’t keep track of the sources for these images. (I’ll try to fix that this year.) The monthly folders are a great way for me to see design trends and they serve as a great reference if I need inspiration fast. Here are some of my favorites from 2009.


And now I’m dying to know what inspires you? Any daily rituals before you starting creating? Please share…

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3 Responses to “what inspires you?”

  1. TC Conway says:

    Great post…and beautiful art.

    Have a look at Evernote – a free app for mac/pc/web that might work great as your “inspiration folder”.

  2. admin says:

    thanks for the great resource. looking into this pronto

  3. Shelbye says:

    i am inspired by fabric, paper, smells, handwritten notes, and my students. i am a total nerd when it comes to my “pre-creation” thought process because i makes lists and outlines and word webs…

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