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free people bicycles

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

The summer display at the Free People store in Tysons Corner features about six custom bicycles hanging on the walls. All of the bikes are completely unique featuring different materials, colors & styles all very fun and whimsical. I’d love to ride around Bethesda on this green one—how cool are those flower wheels? I was only able to snap the picture above before I was told that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. I found the two pictures below on the Free People blog and I am pretty sure there were in the store as well. If you get a chance to visit the store it always has a great display, very inspiring.

musee mecanique

Friday, January 22nd, 2010


One of my favorite stops during the San Fran trip was the Musee Mecanique, which is one of the world’s largest privately owned collections of mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade machines. (Just a warning, the website is really scary and is not a fair representation of the collection at all.) All of the games and musical instruments were amazing eye candy especially for a designer; amazing typography and imagery…in hind sight I am actually a little disappointed that I didn’t take more photographs. And the best part is there are only 25 cents to play. The collection also contains two miniature portrait booths (aka old school photobooths, not the yucky digital ones) that we posed in for 4 sessions. It was so much fun and just the start of an obsessive hunt to find every photobooth in the city.


Musee Mecanique is a must see if you are visiting San Fran!

san fran

Friday, January 22nd, 2010


This past week I went to visit my bff and super talented photographer extraordinaire Christine who lives in San Francisco. This was my first visit to San Fran and let me tell you, I fell in love, real hard. It was just as amazing as everyone says it is, plus more. It was extremely walkable, super artsy and full of great inspiration from old signage, fabulous architecture, wacky costume shops, lots of photo booths, sea lions, magnificent bridges, really crooked streets and the freshest food. sigh…i already miss you San Fran. To my viewers, please bear with me, the next few posts are going to be some of the highlights from my trip.